finger extenders for all functions: finding, gripping, poking and pressing.

Our innovative finger extenders come in multiples styles for a variety of day-to-day uses!

Mo' Fingers means mo' fun

It can be hard sometimes to get a grasp on tricky, slippery or awkward items. Our Mo’ Grip Fingers are designed with a special waterproof grip technology to get real a handle on life!

Can’t reach that pesky itch on your back? Well, that’ll be a problem no mo’! Our Mo’ Scratch Fingers are padded to comfortably scratch skin while extending further to reach even the itchiest of itches. Itch away my friend!

Lose belongings no mo’! Whether it’s behind the couch or down the drain, our Mo’ Fetch Fingers making fetching your things a simple task. Designed to extend and bend around the trickiest places. Plus! The middle finger comes installed with a special micro-flashlight.

Never flush a disgusting public toilet again! Our Mo’ Flush Fingers let you flush with ease, germ-free. 

Need fire in a flash? Our Mo’ Fire Fingers can light up your world with the flick of your pointer finger. 

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